PG02 – Individual Project [07.02.2011]


>>The real in use.

>>My suggestion.


PG02 – Individual Project [06.02.2011]

This is my first draft into vector format. I was considering about put some curve shape into the design or just only sharp corner. I experimented with widths styles and directions on the sketch as well. I went back one step and looked at the pictograms, the design contains round shapes and also curve lines too. So, I decided to put curve line as a feature of the design. Moreover, I realised that this design should be in bold rather than regular because this typeface is used as a headline for publications. Thus, the two lines below of this sketch were fail experiments, they will not be used.

Then, I start it again. this sketch shows variation of linking method to the stem, of letter “a” which also used in “d” and “u”. To make them go together I should bring it to each letter.

The over all design going to be like this. I will use round shape to drop down sharp corner, and to make them legible I need to use typography rules to manage them.

PG01 – Manifesto

PG02 – 02.Individual Project [01.02.2011]

For this project, I am going to do a London 2012 typeface. The reason I wanted to do this because I want to challenge myself, with the project that has many negative comments over Internet forums.

To do this as a designer, I would stated the project as “a display typeface for London 2012 from my own view”. This is because the typeface was launched one month ago, and I do not want to call it as a redesign project. I respected to the designer who did that, it must be some reasons or may be research to form that typeface character.

Thus, I am going to design a London 2012 display typeface with my own research, together with my opinion and experience on typography that I have.

This project will be finished as computer fonts, consist of 2 style characters – Display and Display Slant. Also I will demonstrate how to use it on publications or relating objects.

I have an idea that I should take some gimmicks from the logo and pictograms into my design. Because the logo has very abstract form in geometrical way. Also the pictograms, the principle of the lines and conners are very interesting. Contrasting and angle make a unique image.

>>This is my first sketch on the project


PG02 – 01.Individual Project [31.01.2011]

I saw London 2012 promotional billboards on Green Park tube platform couple weeks ago. I felt that the display typeface does not work very well, every letter are formed with strong straight lines excepted the O letter. Actually, I can understand that O is supposed to be a reference to the 5 circles in the olympic logo but I don’t feel it works well that way.

Moreover, this typeface breaks so many typography rules, the design is slant but does not stand on the baseline especially numeral set. In my opinion, conners are too sharp and strong. I think there is a way to manage them in a better way.

In addition, the 38  pictograms are very interesting the design of the typeface should give some sense and relate to these graphics.

Click / london 2012 typeface controversy / Pictograms

Bell Centennial (1975)

A telephone directory typeface for AT&T, designed by Matthew Carter, to solve multiple technical and visual problems. The brief called for a typeface that would fit substantially more characters per line without loss of legibility, dramatically reducing the need for abbreviations and two-line entries, increase legibility at the smaller point sizes used in a telephone directory, and reduce consumption of paper. Bell Centennial was designed to address and overcome most of the limitations of telephone directory printing: poor reproduction due to high-speed printing on newsprint, and ink spread which decayed legibility as it closed up counterforms.

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FontShop / Educaiton

This site gives you a comprehensive information about typography and type design. Contains a number of useful PDF materials with nice diagrams and information graphics.

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